El Paso Airport Terminals

El Paso Airport has a single passenger terminal divided into two concourses: Concourse A (west) and Concourse B (east), within two levels (the lower and the upper level), following a pier-satellite layout.

Transfer between concourses

You can transfer between concourses by the upper level central sector, which serves as a joint for both concourses.


El Paso Airport is a two level terminal, which is divided into the Departures Hall and the check-in area (on the right side) and the Arrivals Hall (on the left side), plus the central sector in the lower level, while the upper level houses the boarding area with East and West concourses.

Lower level: See below the services distribution as per sectors:

- Left sector: Find in this sector the Arrivals Hall plus the baggage claim area (including the airlines baggage offices and lost & found).

- Right sector: In the right sector, find the Ticket counters, Departures Hall and check-in area.

- Central sector: Regarding the central sector; currency exchange, access to the food court and shopping area (located in an atrium), and escalators and lifts leading to the upper level.

Services and amenities available: Ground transportation options (taxis, car rental companies, buses, shuttles), short-term parking lots facing the terminal, airline offices, toilets, family restroom, automatic external defibrillator, pay phones, massage chairs, ATMs, picnic zones, military assistance desk, El Paso convention & visitor’s bureau, shoeshine, the beacon room, La Placita Conference Room, Police station and lost and found, service animal relief area, smartecarte, smoking allowed areas, food, drink and retail concessions (including vending machines).

- Upper level: Find in this level both Meet and Greet Area and the boarding area, split into the East & West concourses, sharing a common security check:

Concourse West (A): Find in this concourse gates A (A1 to A4), mostly serving American Airlines. El Paso Marketplace is located in this concourse.

Concourse East (B): This concourse hosts gates B (B1 to B11), mostly serving the following airlines: Allegiant, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines. Regarding amenities, there is located a restaurant between gates B2 and B3 and a self-service kiosk.


The following airlines offer service to El Paso Airport:

- Allegiant Air: +1 702 505 8888
- American Airlines: +1 800 433 7300
- Delta Air Lines: +1 800 221 1212
- Southwest Airlines: +1 800 435 9792
- United Airlines: +1 800 864 8331


Find the available services presented above in the main terminal:

- ATMs
- Ground Transportation options
- Airlines offices
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Parenting rooms
- Car Hire booths
- Family restroom
- Lost baggage
- Toilets
- Automatic external defibrillator
- Pay phones
- Massage chairs
- Picnic zones
- Family restrooms
- Wheel-chair renting service
- Military assistance desk
- El Paso convention & visitor’s bureau
- Shoeshine
- The Beacon room
- La Placita conference room
- Police station
- Lost & found
- Service Animal Relief Area
- Smartecarte
- Smoking allowed areas
- Vending machines
- Baggage carts
- Security checkpoint

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El Paso Airport showcases along its main atrium and east and west concourse its region’s cultural heritage, featuring the Medal of Honour Display, Art Windows and EPIA History Display, all available in the lower level of the main terminal.